Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Parkers First Minor League Baseball Game

We decided to go to a baseball game tonight! The weather was PERFECT for baseball, but we were kinda spoiled and got to sit in Daddy's work skybox!!! Wheewww.. This is potentially the final homestand of the season, unless the Sounds pick up the pace and win a few games against Memphis (who is in first ahead of them) and we make it into the playoffs. I can't believe this is the first game we've been to since Parker arrived.....so many other things occupied our time!

It seems like so long ago that this is where Mom & Dad (PJ & I) met, and spent most of our waking hours while we were both working here.... anyhow - thats a story for a different day!

Delainey loves the games, but would rather be closer to the action!!

We took Delainey and Parker to the Sounds game tonight. The evening started off quite eventful. Delainey got carsick and got a new shirt once she got to the game. Poor girl doesn't do well in the car sometimes! You'd think that nice large luxury cars would be nice to ride in, but it is so "smooth" that she doesn't do well..... gosh, i can't imagine if we ever go on a family cruise!

Parker did GREAT. We walked around a bit, then went up to the skybox to take in the game. Parker didn't stay awake long enough to get pictures with his eyes open, but we wanted to capture the event anyhow.


  1. It's not the first game. His first game was when we were there in May and he met Ozzie first hand!

  2. Oops.... we couldn't remember.... good thing grandma has a memory that is sharp as a tack!