Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Milestones.... Milestones.... Milestones!

Howdy - its time to add some more pictures and information!

For starters, Parker is continuing to grow up into such a cute little boy, and out of the "baby" phase. On Monday, November 2nd he was 27 weeks old.

CRAZY!!!!! I can't believe it's been 6 months since he was born!

Anyhow - this past Sunday (11/1/09) he finally reached a milestone that we've been hoping for! He sat up on his own!!!!!!!!  Now that he can sit up, he is so much more active it seems like. He can roll over and sit up without any help! He is so funny. This is the picture that Daddy took after he sat up on his own for the first time!

In addition to the sitting up, we have transitioned Parker from a formula diet to a cereal and formula diet! He is doing GREAT. He is eating 3 meals of rice cereal a day, and filling in with the liquid dessert!!

He is getting so close to crawling, and even trying to walk when holding on to the furniture! Our next stop will quickly be the baby supply store (of some sort) to invest in a gate to make sure he doesn't tumble down the stairs!!

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