Monday, December 14, 2009

8 down ---- 1 to go !~!~!~

Soooo - Christmas is the hubs' favorite holiday, so by the time Christmas creeps up on us we have MANY trees up in the Harrison household.

We are almost done with tree's for this season - only 1 left to complete.

We have 1 in the bonus room.

1 in Delainey's room......

1 in the formal living room........

Parker is checkin out the tree and pretty lights with daddy~!

and a total of 5 in the kitchen / dining room area. I know this sounds a little nuts, but 3 of them are tiny trees on the over look from the kitchen to the formal living room - they aren't decorated, just add to the ambiance. There is a "half" tree wall hanging that is decorated with all the new baby ornaments we bought for Parker. We have another in the dining room. It is so pretty. Red and White to match the kitchen.

The Good / Bad lists and the Nativity scene!

This picture is the best -
 truly how the kids will feel about each other in a few years i bet!

I absolutely can't believe Christmas is only 2 weeks away.....Exciting yet stressful all in the same breath.

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