Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Month in Review - February 2010

Hello there - It seems like I've been SOOO busy lately, that I haven't had time (or made time) to update the blog nearly as frequently as I'd like to or should have. So I'm going to do a "Month in Review" to cover all the exciting stuff we've been up to.

February 2nd
 -- So my husband has said that I lost many of my brain cells when Parker was born. I disagree with him on a regular basis about this, but tonight I think he may be right.
I made dinner and we all went upstairs to eat in the bonus room. After a bit (meaning about an hour and a half or longer) we smelled something funky from downstairs.
Apparently I had forgotten about the tater tots i put in the oven and after a good bakin' they were good and done....

I just had to take a picture to document my lack of brain cells! LOL

Mmmmm.... Yummy.... Burnt Tater Tots!

February 4th
Delainey had a school project to do a "Plant Cell Model" but it needed to be something creative. I'm fairly creative, but couldn't think of anything other than helping her print things off the trusty internet and making a poster board.... BORING!!!!!!!!!!!  Good thing Gramma Vona came to the rescue with her creative senses!

Delainey and Gram used a light bright to create her plant cell model. It turned out very good. I put saran wrap over the top to keep all of the pieces in place during transport to and from school.
She did a very good job!

February 7th
Parker is trying soooo hard to walk on his own. He still uses the table for a little balance. Here are some cute pictures from this evening.

February 14th
Valentines Day 2010

We didn't do anything special except hang out with each other and the kids at the house!

February 15th.
Delainey reading to Parker
Delainey LOVES her brother..... she loves to read to him and play with him.

Delainey reading to Parker as he sits in his activity gym.

Delainey & Parker

February 22nd
Parker gets a new toybox

Delainey had 2 toyboxes that I got her many years ago in Seattle at IKEA. Neither of them were really used until recently. We painted 1 of them white with Delainey and put it in her room with her new bedroom set, and PJ and I painted the other one to go into Parkers room. It matches so good, and is great to have a place to put his toys!

He's not quite sure what it is or what he's supposed to do with it yet!!

February 26th
Fun with Friends

We had a couple friends over tonight for "Game Night". This was a BLAST! We love having friends over and entertaining. We had so much fun playing Apples to Apples that I personally have gotten hooked. I told PJ that I wanted us to try to host a Game Night once a month if at all possible.
One of our friends, Casey, thought it would be funny to play in Parker's car. . . . . the picture tells a thousand words! Awesome.

This was absolutely too funny. The best part was watching him try to get out of this! Keep in mind, Casey is a over 6' tall, so had his legs criss crossed in there!