Monday, August 31, 2009

18 weeks old today!

Parker is 18 weeks old already! I absolutely can not believe it! He was attempting to crawl this weekend. He did the "schooch" across the bed and made it the whole distance. It was SOOO cute, but I'm sure he'll be off and runnin' in no time and we'll be wishing we hadn't urged him to start this so soon :-)

More to come later!

Friday, August 28, 2009

17 Weeks and 4 Days

I can not believe Parker is already almost 4 1/2 months old (if you go by weeks!).

Daddy took this picture of him just before we left the house this morning for daycare!


Go play with your brother!

Good morning! When i sent Delainey and Dad upstairs last night after dinner to do the nightly ritual to get ready for bed while I cleaned up after dinner I never knew what I was in for :-).

Just kidding! But really.... who ever thought that the term "Go Play With Your Brother" would turn into this..............................

Ok, so the picture is a little goofy, but Delainey put her toy hat from her horse stuff on her brother and decided to start snapping pictures! I couldn't resist putting it up here on the blog, because one day he will punish her for this!! ha ha ha.... and I can show it to girlfriends one day in the future.... the VERY distant future!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Parkers Friends at Daycare

Mimi - Miss Diane - is WONDERFUL!

Parker loves her as do the other kids (and their parents) that she watches.

Jennie (a friend from work, who recommended Dianne to us) got to pick up her boys (Alex & Isaac) early so she sent me a picture of her cuties with "Big Baby Parker".

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gettin' ready for school and work!

Hello there! Its Sunday night and we are gearing up at the Harrison household for another work/school week! Lets all cross our fingers that things go better with school work this week! We spent a good amount of time yesterday working on math and numbers with Delainey!

Parker got a bath and along with that we have to make sure his hair is dried! We literally do this with the hair dryer! He was pretty tired, but managed to smile and grin at the whole thing.

I've got this picture to show how long his hair is and how it looks when its clean!, and if I can figure out how to download a video I will do that also.

Here is Delainey and Parker earlier in the day also!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big sister realization!

Delainey was helping out around the house this evening and said she'd like to hold Parker for a minute.
Dad put him in her arms and she promptly said...."Dad, take him! He's put on some pounds since the last time I held him. He's too heavy!"

It was too funny not to put on here!

I am trying my hardest to keep him on the WONDERFUL schedule that Dianne (childcare provider) has him on. He is learning (slowly but surely) that he really can soothe himself. We knew he wasn't wet or hungry and his eyes were closed as he was cryin', so he rolled over mostly to his tummy and finally fell asleep, with some help from mommy rubbing his back, while Daddy rubbed hers!!! Yayyy.

Here is a picture of my cute sleeping baby!

I've been abandoned!!! :-)

We have recently gotten the game RockBand2 for the Wii. We've had hours and hours of fun with the other games we have (Mario Kart, Horse Games, Wii Fit, etc), but wanted something that we could theoretically do as a family.

Well, I've become a widow! My husband is addicted to this game! After we've had dinner and usually sit and watch tv together, he is now "perfecting" his guitar skills. Today is Saturday, and now he and Delainey are both trying to perfect their skills. PJ is drumming and Delainey has moved from the microphone to the Guitar -- she tried the drums and has little to no rythym, so that was a tough one :-) --

Here is some pictures to show what we do these days!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Emotional topsy turvy!


Today is a weird day for me! I'm an emotional car wreck and I'm not sure why. Is this what Post-Partum is? I have a GREAT life, a GREAT family... Delainey stresses me out a bit with her studies but thats ok too, and I have a GREAT job that I LOVE.

Maybe it is the continuous lack of sleep and the fact that if I try to do anything at night, the minute I sit down to watch tv with the hubster, or get online I have this problem of falling asleep!

I'm exhausted today and maybe thats why little things that wouldn't normally bug me off or make me cry are doing so!!
Its almost the end of the week!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Homework Hell

Uggghhhhhh...... Does anyone want to tutor my 4th grader in math?!?!! I am NOT the person to try and explain to her that some things in math (and school work in general) will NEVER change.

It is only Day 2 of her new school year and I'm struggling.
I'm sure it is a combination of her not knowing the stuff, her getting used to getting up early every morning and actually doing something other than watching Saddle Club, as well as her frustration.

This was another one of those "venting" moments.
I truly hope Delainey has a lightbulb go off this year and all of a sudden it just "clicks".

I'm No Supermodel......!!!!

Ok, so i really do love this blog and having the ability to share all the wonderful things in my life, and in some cases get on my "soapbox" and vent.
So, now is one of those times! Bare with me!
Obviously by the purpose of this blog, I've just had a baby. So, I am not super duper skinny.

Today, I was walking a candidate to her interview at work. I was apologizing for being all stuffed up due to a cold and she says to me.... "When are you due?".... I replied with "I'm Sorry?".... She asked me AGAIN when I was due.... OK. I'm not at my ideal weight, but OH MY GOD... I don't think I look pregnant. I have a small tummy, but once again, I don't think I resemble having a peanut growing in my belly!

I have good days and bad days in regards to how I look and how good my clothes fit, and ironically today (I thought) was one of the good days.

I've taken the liberty to force my hubby to take a picture of me and show you that I don't think I look pregnant. Not so pretty, due to it being the end of a LONG day, but still NOT PREGNANT.

Come on people.... Learn a lesson here.... DON'T ASK A WOMAN IF SHE IS PREGNANT UNLESS YOU ARE PRETTY DARN CERTAIN SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm done. Thank you. :-)

She's made it to the top

Delainey is now the top dog in her least thats how the saying goes.
Another school year has just begun and she is now in 4th grade! She is VERY excited, so hopefully that will last the entire year.

Of course we had to take the pictures for the first day of school.

She is getting prettier and prettier as she grows up.

Blonde hair, blue eyes, beautiful tan skin, great complexion, and SKINNY!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Not accomplishing much!!

I'm still at the office, but I'm not accomplishing much.

Look at this cute face! How could I!!?!?!?!?

No, seriously, right when i was starting to get things done he wakes up from his very short nap!

Gotta run and try to double task!

Workin' on a Saturday

Ok, so this new mom thing is tough... I know I know... I have Delainey, and I already want another precious baby, but it definitely takes some adjusting to again!

I can't get enough work done during the day since I can't stay and burn the midnight oil anymore, so here I am working on Saturday.

PJ is golfing - FINALLY! I feel so bad, since he's taken on the role as husband and daddy he doesn't get to play nearly as much as he'd like to!

I am at the office working - Yes, I am working - but I took this picture and thought it was ADORABLE so had to share it!

Once i get home tonight and have a chance to download more pictures that we've taken i'm guessing i'll post again!

Have a GREAT saturday! Love you all!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Parker Rolls Over

Oh my goodness !!! My baby boy is growing so fast it is amazing.
He was 15 weeks this Monday (8/10/09) and he just rolled over this morning!
Last night Daddy and I were playing with him on the floor in his room and he was trying so hard to get his whole body over..... well this morning he rolled onto his tummy and lifted his head up as if to say.... PICK ME UP!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Parker goes to Daycare!!

Okay, so today was not the easiest of days. Parker started daycare outside of our home. The gal thats been watching him since I returned to work has to return to college.... darn her! I tried to convince her to stay home and take online courses and work for us, but the college life has drawn her in. Heck, who can blame her!
Anyhow - Parker started with Dianne this morning and did GREAT. They absolutely loved him and said he was such a charmer!
The lady that watches him is WONDERFUL (Thanks Jennie) and PJ and I are lucky to have found a safe and happy home environment to take our baby boy too!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sleeping Baby!



I coudn’t help but post this picture! He is sleeping so good tonight!

Gotta run get some sleep while he is sleeping – Back to work tomorrow!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

13 Weeks 6 Days



Well, we haven’t been to the doctor in a month, and don’t go until September 1st for his 4 month appt, so we decided to weigh him at home! My guess was that he was only about 13, maybe 14 lbs…..

Parker weighs in at 14 1/2 lbs today!! Oh my goodness how he is growing up!

This is him snoozin on the couch. Yes, I know, I should be sleeping when he is sleeping, but I just don’t do that very well! I find so many things that need to get done……….. Like this!!!

Have a good night, i’ll post more this week

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Congratulations Reigen

We got all dressed up and went to a wedding tonight!
Reigen and Ken tied the knot in fashion. What a beautiful, beautiful event!

Thank you letting us be a part of it!

Here are some pictures from the evening!