Saturday, April 28, 2012

He's 3..... Happy Birthday Parker

3 Years ago yesterday (4/27/09) we were blessed with the most amazing gift!
Parker Joseph Harrison
April 27, 2009
Kelli, Delainey, Parker & PJ Harrison

Never in a million years did I imagine that I could have so much love for not only my child, but my 2nd child.
He is a ray of sunshine added to our house. His father, sister and I all love him dearly!

Today, we celebrated his 3rd birthday in typical Kelli fashion.... meaning that I planned his birthday party in somewhat record time.

His 1st Birthday party was interesting to say the least.... The Nashville Flood occurred that weekend and added an interesting twist to the festivities.

His 2nd Birthday party was at "Ginny's" (Grandma Vona) house. It rained, so thank goodness we had a back-up plan and her garage was huge enough to move the bouncy house inside!

Now - Parker has definitely developed likes and dislikes. Some of his likes are Tractors, Dumptrucks, dirt, big trucks, Thomas, race cars, etc.... just to name a few.

So I decided to (with the help of hubs and a girlfriend of mine) make all the stuff for his party (cake, food, goodies, etc) with the help of my new found addiction "Pinterest".

It was a BEAUTIFUL day! We rented the cabana in our neighborhood and had a really great afternoon. 80' and a light breeze is the perfect backdrop for a birthday party!

I made this cake!!!!
I'm not sure the picture does it justice, but the lop left is a hill that the tucks drove up to dump rocks below!

All the goodies set up and ready to be ate!
Marshmellow pops!!

Fruit cut into shapes! We did this ourselves too!
Obviously the theme was "construction/big trucks" so I got a
big truck, put chips in it and made individual 7 layer dips!
licking the frosting off one of the "workers" on his cake.

I think he has his first girlfriend!
Parker and Maisie

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

At the doctor........

Nope, nobody's sick.
Delainey is trying out for 7th grade dance team next week and needs a sports physical.
I can't believe how much she has grown up!

59 1/2" tall.....WOW!
Currently in the 25th percentile. Not to bad!

Pictures to come when I get to a computer rather than an iPad!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012.... oh ya, and my birthday too!

This year we traveled up to Ohio to spend the Easter holiday with the Harrison side of our family.
It was a GREAT weekend, but I missed my mom!
Not only did I miss Easter with her, I missed her birthday and mine.
Turns out she was sick near the end of the weekend and benefited from the rest I think!

The weather was GREAT in Ohio also - PJ and I got some time to just go out and run around town during the day while the kiddo's played with Grandma & Grandpa. When we got back we just hung out outside doing chores (mostly to enjoy the weather). PJ mowed the lawn and I washed the car!

Here are some pictures from our weekend.
Hangin' out in "Uncle Matts" truck

Cousin Maddie

The Beautiful flowers Daddy gave me!

Practicing with the new camera!

The Easter Bunny stopped here!

Sorry Delainey - I know the sun was in your eyes!

The 3 Grandkids.... Parker didn't really want to smile :-)

We found ANOTHER egg!

Mmmmmm Mmmmm Grandpa - these chips are good!

Maddie & Delainey coloring Easter Eggs.
Yes - we did it backwards, colored eggs AFTER the egg hunt! LOL

Parker helping mommy blow out candles on her cake!