Saturday, August 22, 2009

I've been abandoned!!! :-)

We have recently gotten the game RockBand2 for the Wii. We've had hours and hours of fun with the other games we have (Mario Kart, Horse Games, Wii Fit, etc), but wanted something that we could theoretically do as a family.

Well, I've become a widow! My husband is addicted to this game! After we've had dinner and usually sit and watch tv together, he is now "perfecting" his guitar skills. Today is Saturday, and now he and Delainey are both trying to perfect their skills. PJ is drumming and Delainey has moved from the microphone to the Guitar -- she tried the drums and has little to no rythym, so that was a tough one :-) --

Here is some pictures to show what we do these days!!!

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