Sunday, September 27, 2009

0 and 3 and a New Perspective!!

Welllllllll...... we sure had a crappy sports weekend. All of our teams started off big and strong, but somehow managed to come away with a big fat LOSS!

Penn State started off strong with Clark throwing for a touchdown right out of the gate, but apparently couldn't keep up the momentum to walk away with a W. Daddy was nice enough to let me sleep while he watched the game (and Parker).

On to Sunday, when we parked ourselves in front of the TV for a little NFL action. What a dissapointing outcome that was. The Steelers had a lead for the majority of the game and somehow ended up losing, making them 1-2 on the season. We can't wait for Polamalu to return and help us get some more W's. The Seahawks, with Matt Hasselbeck out with a rib injury, couldn't manage to fend off the Chicago Bears..... Better luck next weekend in the sports category!
PJ said to me tonight that he had a new perspective.... even though his teams are a VERY important part of who he is, no matter if they win or lose, he can look at our beautiful children and smile!
I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

Here is a picture of Parker cheering on Penn State in his new blanket! What a happy baby!

And here is a rare picture of Delainey! She loves to sleep in Daddy's big t-shirts. This is just before bed time!

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