Friday, April 2, 2010

Month in Review - March 2010

I'm going to continue with the trend of reviewing the happenings of the month until I get caught up and get back into a regular groove of updating the blog.

March 8, 2010
Hittin' the Course

I have held on to this outfit thinking it was a 12month size and would be too big for Parker. Good thing I looked at the tag and he is getting a chance to wear it because it is actually a 9month outfit and is just SOOOO darn stinkin' cute.

He left the hat on just long enough for us to take the picture. :-)

March 18th
Recovering from the first real "ouch"

So, you'll notice by the picture, that Parker has a nice little mark and slight discoloration/bruising smack dab in the middle of his forehead.
Well, we experienced his first fall in the bonus room recently. He gave us a good scare because he didn't want to cry (once again). The doctor said he was going to be fine, and this probably wouldn't be his last fall!

Momma's boy!

March 20th
Playin' in the bath with Daddy

Parker and Daddy gettin' all cleaned up!

Parker LOVES to play in the water!

March 21st
Cruisin' the mall with the cute girl!

Jamie, Maisie, PJ, Delainey, Parker and I spent a few hours cruisin' Opry Mills mall today. Jamie is a GREAT friend with the cutest little munchkin Maisie who is 4 weeks younger than Parker. As they get older they interact with each other more and are so fun to watch. PJ and Delainey are usually not interested in the mall walkin, but today it was a family affair!

Parker Chillin' in the Stroller!

Maisie....... Cutie Patootie!

Stoppin by the LARGE fish tank at Bass Pro Shops

March 22nd
CiCi's Pizza Balloon Art

We LOVE a good bargain. especially with 2 kidlets now!
CiCi's Pizza has the $3.99 pizza buffet that is a STEAL. Darn it on us, because the soda is as much as the stinkin' buffet. Anyhow - this is an inexpensive treat out for us and Delainey really loves it!
The balloon art guy visited our table and proceeded to educate Delainey about how he'd paid for his college degree with the tips he earned twisting balloons.

Delainey had a monkey on a palm tree!

Parker wanted nothing to do with his Elmo balloon hat on his head!!

March 28th
Mobility = Freedom

Now that Parker is walking and can wander abou the house on his own, he definitely does that!
He was sitting in the office today going through his sisters books, then got bored with that and navigated to his room to play with toys!
Soooooo Cute!~
Parker reading Delainey's book

Hmmmm.... What does this do?

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