Friday, December 25, 2009

I guess having more than one Christmas tree pays off.... ask Delainey

Delainey mentioned to us (Mom and Dad) that she was very happy with how great Christmas was this year, but that she was a little disappointed. She didn't get her number 1 item on her list....

A Nintendo DS

* According to Santa, this was the MOST requested gift by the kids visiting him!

Anyhow - after we had all enjoyed a busy morning downstairs we decided to go upstairs and relax, watch a little bit of the parade (what was left) and then tune into some football.

Delainey noticed that there were still wrapped presents under the tree in the bonus room. We tried convincing her that these were just fake boxes that had been there all season long.... she said "No Momma, these have tags on them"....

We told her to open up the gifts since she was the lucky recipient of the remaining gifts.

I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Delainey got her Nintendo DSi and a bunch of games!!

She was SOOOO excited!

Parker got a really cool inflatable car with plastic balls in it. He was only somewhat interested in sitting in it.

After a long day, Parker and Delainey laying on the bed together! This is a rare shot of them both laying down, so i've got to document it! ha ha

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