Friday, December 25, 2009

Santa has arrived at The Harrison household

By all accounts, it appears that Santa has arrived!

After many last minute hours (see previous post about getting things done in a timely fashion at home), all the packages are wrapped and placed under the tree. The stockings are all hung, and the cookie and milk have been left out for Santa......

It appears that Santa has already arrived by press time of this post!

The cookie has been munched on, as well as a few pieces of candy! Santa also left Delainey & Parker a little note (as he has done in years past!). Here are some pictures of the full Christmas Tree and the gifts I can find that Santa left..... don't want to snoop too much, I'll leave that part up to Delainey!

Oh my goodness! We look spoiled!

Santa enjoyed the snack that we left, and here is the letter he wrote. He must've used the computer while he was here..... maybe he checked in on the sleeping beauties!

I believe this is what Santa left for Delainey!

And something cute and snuggly for Parker too!

Once we've had a chance to open gifts with family (Gram and Uncle Kenny) I'm sure i'll have exciting pictures and stories to share!


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