Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oooohhhh Nooooooo.....

Ok, so Parker is nearing 9 months old, January 27th to be exact :-), though if you go by weeks he is 37 weeks old. Confusing I know!

He already has 7 teeth, with that 8th one sure to pop through any day. He has been crawling for a while now and is VERY daring when it comes to his walking. He holds on to things, but barely with one hand. We think before we know it he'll be off and runnin'!

Soo, the excitement of this post is what his newest feat is. He has successfully stood up in his highchair on his own.

He was eating dinner like any other night, with one leg up on the seat. He started rocking and before we knew it, he had managed to stand himself up! We were by his side the whole time, so he wasn't in any danger of falling, but we quickly realized how mobile and big he is getting! WOW! We no longer have an infant son, I think we are truly into the toddler stages....sort of! I don't want to rush things, but he is so funny to watch!

Reality check - can you believe he'll be a year old in 3 months?!?!? Wholy Cow!

Here are some pictures of his daredevil tactics this evening!

Just chillin' in my highchair!  I keep blinking whenever Daddy takes a picture.... ha ha

Hi Mom & Dad

Look at me!!! I'm standing my highchair!

And you thought I was fast and sneaky before!


Now I'm going to help with dishes by climbing in the dishwasher!

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  1. Kelli, He's absolutely adorable....You have lovely children and I might add, you've grown up to such a beautiful woman...your Aunt Debbie