Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Shhhhh... Its a Surprise!

I am so proud of myself! I successfully pulled off a Surprise Birthday Party for PJ this year!

Ya see, I had to do something extra special to make up for my froidian slip last year! I inadvertantly made a hair appointment for the night of PJs birthday last year and didn't get home until late. It WAS NOT intentional. It was a last minute (hey can you get me in this week?) type of thing, not something where i planned it by date!

So anyhow - I managed to get a group of friends to show up at the house for dinner, cake and good times, and also got him a gift that he had NO IDEA about!

We had a really great time!

~ Happy 31st Birthday PJ ~
 No pictures of the party, but some of Delainey, Parker and Maisie playing!

The "hottie" on the right is about 4 weeks younger than Parker! Maisie and her momma are just beautiful!

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