Monday, January 10, 2011

Nashville's Big Snow Event of 2011......

Sooooo - We have awoke to SNOW in Nashville....again! But this time, we got quite a bit! Delainey didn't have school so she stayed with Gram again today and got to play out in the fluffy white stuff with Uncle Kenny while the rest of us went on about our daily work! Fun fun fun....

I know that many people don't worry about snow at all, but in the South... ya see... people don't really know how to react. They don't drive well in it for the most part when it is just a dusting, but this was quite a bit!

Here are some pictures of my journey to work this morning!
This is the backyard looking down towards the neighbors! - I was driving past so you can't see our house!

Leaving the Neighborhood!
I know you aren't supposed to text while you drive, but nobody said anything about taking pictures with your phone.... LOL!!!

Another view from my drive to work!

I honestly didn't have any trouble driving in this (thanks to the truck) and thought it was beautiful!

I live near this field... you don't appreciate the beauty of your neighborhood until you see it like this!

Believe it or not - the is the parking lot at my office!!!! 
Can you tell where it starts and ends!?!?!?!

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