Monday, January 10, 2011

The National Championship Game !!!

The night has come to bring college football to an end for this season! I am proud to say that the Oregon Ducks have made it to the big dance.... ok, all you readers out there, that know that this is probably not called the "big dance"; oh well! Thats what I'm callin' it! :-)

Here are some pictures of Parker in his ducks "gear" that Grandpa Phil and Sherry got him for Christmas to represent the west coast!!!

Lovin on mommy!

Finally - A picture of the whole outfit!!!

Gotta have a drink with the big game!! Chillin' on dads lap!

Lucy - I don't want to play!

RUN....RUN.....RUN...... (while watching the game on tv)

I'm so darn stinkin' cute!!!

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