Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Bowling Party

Today Delainey got to celebrate her 10th Birthday with her friends.
We went to the bowling alley with 9 other kids! It was a BLAST. The bowling alley has obviously done this before because the timing couldn't have been better! Just when the kids were starting to get tired and disinterested..... out came the pizza!

Delainey had a great day with her friends (Gretchen, Madison, Brooke & little sister Gracie, Taylor and her brother Austin, Isaac &Alex, and Kailey).

Here are some pictures! I was to busy having fun with them to take too many pictures.

Thank you Jennie, Joy, Daddy and Gram for joining us and helping to entertain Parker man so that the day was all about Delainey!

Delainey posing for the camera - oops, her eyes are closed!

After bowling in the party room - they had gift bags, pizza,
and Camp Rock / High School Musical cupcakes to dine on!!

The Bixler Girls - Gracie  & Brooke,
Taylor is in the background

Taylor - Gretchen - Delainey - Austin

Kailey - Delainey's friend that lives next to Grandma

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