Sunday, October 25, 2009

Football Sunday around the house!

Another weekend of not doing much around the house and WE LOVE IT!!!
Parker is not feeling perfect yet, still has a nagging cough. Mommy catches up on sleep and Daddy catches all his sports games, and hopefully they do him proud and pull out a W.

Parker is starting to sit up so much better these days, still can't do it on his own, but on the couch he can.
Here is a picture that is SOOOOO cute!

Parker will be 26 weeks tomorrow!!!!


  1. I really need to dig out some of PJ's baby pics. I think he is looking more like him every day.

  2. Talked with Aunt Bonny last night. She still insist Parker looks like Great Grandpa K. Glad the beads kept him happy but it scares me to see that.