Saturday, October 31, 2009

Ghosts and Goblins.... Oh My!!! Actually a Cheetah, Baseball and Prisoner!

Halloween 2009 has come and gone!
With the addition of Parker this year, we didn't spend as much time going from door to door, but we still had a great time!

Delainey was a "Cheetah".... and don't call her just a cat because she was quick to point out the fact that she isn't just an ordinary cat!

I can't believe she looks so grown up!

Mommy was a Prisoner. This was a last minute costume that I got late Thursday night so that I could dress up at work! It was comfortable and fun!

Daddy didn't dress up, offically! He was the "New Dad" for halloween! He took pictures and went trick-or-treating with us though!

Grandma & Grandpa Harrison couldn't be hear so they sent the softest most plush teddy beary with his cute litte Halloween Sweater!
THANK YOU!!! We have it up on display, along with the card, rather than use it as a toy!

The neighbors were Bert & Ernie
What awesome costumes! Thanks Chris and Ann!


  1. Delainey is getting much too cute. Parker as a baseball is great!

  2. So cute. I love the costumes. You all look so awesome.