Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Parkers 6 Month Check-up!

Sooo, today was Parkers 6 month "well baby" check up!
We got to the dr's office and it was PACKED!!!!!!!!!  It always amazes me when places like that are so busy during the middle of the day.... Don't people work!
Ohhhh... I guess I'm one of those people when I take time off work to care for the kidlets and family!*!*!*!

Anyhow - He is a happy, healthy baby who is growing and progressing VERY well.

He is 18lbs 2oz and 28" long. - that equates to the 75th Percentile for his weight and the 90th Percentile for his length.
If Daddy has his dream we'll have a 6'2" Left Handed Pitcher for the Pirates one day !?!?!?

Here are some pictures of him before the dreaded shots!
He is all current on his vaccinations and is also protected for the H1N1 Swine Flu. Both him and Mommy got their vaccinations today!

Look at all that blonde hair!!!

Nope, your not imagining things, Parker is chewing on my necklace - this was occupying him more than any toys I had along for the journey.
Just for the record - EVERYTHING goes into his mouth these days!!!

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