Sunday, November 15, 2009

Busy, Busy Week

Helllloooo there! This has been such a busy week for us it seems like!
Parker has been fighting off a cold - NO, he does not have the flu, just a cold and teething pain/discomfort.
Speaking of Teething he has 4 NOW! Yep, four teeth!

1 week ago yesterday (Nov 7th) he started CRAWLING!! Yep, he is crawling! He pulls himself up on lots of stuff too. When he wakes up in the crib, we go in to get him and he is sitting up lookin' at us or on his knees looking over the edge! Its very cute!

Delainey lost another tooth.... and the tooth fairy blessed her with a dollar or so in change! She was very excited!

Delainey got a new haircut too! Still longer in the front, but short in the back to hopefully be easier to care for and dry when getting ready for school!

Work has been CRAZY busy for me....i'm not sure why, maybe i'm just losing my time management skills. Oh yeah - maybe its that we don't sleep all that much in the Harrison house! ha ha ha

Anyhow - All is well -
Love to all!

This picture is of a horse in my friends housing development!
Delainey LOVES horses so I put it on here for her!

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