Saturday, November 28, 2009

Delainey's Room Makeover - Part 3

Sooo - we got her new furniture from Rooms to Go Kids. We LOVE the furniture, but are a little disappointed in the whole arrival/delivery process.

I was told that it would be here between 9a-1pm. That was fantastic. Still gave us time to hang out with the visiting grandparents and do the Opryland thing!

PJ saw a RTGK truck drive through our neighborhood at 8:15 and I was SOOO excited thinkin' "right on" they are going to be early and make our day!

Its now...... 1:30pm and I'm calling them.... "they are running behind and should be at your house by 2pm ma'am"

Now its 2:15pm and they are "still running behind, as soon as we talk to the driver we'll call you"..... NO PHONE CALL......

Its now oh 3:30pm and they FINALLY arrive..... 2 little "gentleman" hop out of the truck and I immediately think "oh my goodness; how in the heck are they going to get this furniture up my 3 flights of stairs (including the front steps)".......

Well - they rolled the boxes end-over-end up all three sets of stairs, and slid the boxes across our hardwood floors.... LOVELY!  I haven't done it yet, but they will hear from me! I'm very good at complaining! :-)

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