Thursday, November 26, 2009

Delainey's Room Makeover #2 - Part 1

Soooo, in May 2008 I wanted to surprise Delainey with a room make-over. She was really into the Hannah Montana craze at the time, so one weekend I thought it would be cool to surprise her with a new room!

I went out and got the paint and all the Hannah Montana accessories I could find and started my project (in the middle of the night, when i usually get my best burst of energy :-)).

It was really pretty, and she liked it - but informed me that she really liked horses better and would have preferred that for her bedding!
Bad Mommy!

Soooo - on Thanksgiving night, after letting Delainey pick out her new wall paint color, we started the project of re-painting..... with Grandpa's help! We figured we'd put him to work 2 Thanksgivings in a row - He painted Parker's new room last year on Thanksgiving weekend when they came to visit!

The color of choice was Chocolate Turtle...... don't worry - wait 'til you see it!

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