Saturday, November 28, 2009

Delainey's Room Makeover - Part 2

Sooo - its Saturday morning and the painting is ALL DONE! It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we are just waiting for the surprise to be complete - The new furniture to be delivered!! Delainey knows that she is getting a new bed, but nothing about the even bigger suprise yet to come!

Here are some pictures of the painting tranformation in process!

Grandpa wasn't happy about me taking all these pictures!

Smile Grandpa!!

See the difference in the paint colors!!!We LOVE it!

The room looks just beautiful! -
Thanks Grandpa & Daddy for spending so many hours making sure it was perfect!

Sooo, this is the room completely painted,
and the old bed moved back where it was!

Here is her AMAZING new bed!!!
It has a trundle, but we haven't gotten a mattress for that part yet!

More pictures to come once the new furniture is delivered!!!

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